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Long Products Flat Rolled Products Wire Products
  • Reinforcing Bars

    Plain and deformed. Mild steel and high yield. In bars and in coils.

    Long Products
  • Uncoated Material

    Sheets and coils are cold rolled (ordinary and drawing qualities). Hot rolled (black or pickled and oiled)

    Uncoated Material
  • Wire Products

    Nail wire, binding wire, galvanized wire, spring wire, mattress wire, barbed wire, square twisted nail wire, steel wool wire.

    Wire Products



Al-Mada Steel’s core business is steel trading. We act as a trading intermediary between producers and purchasers and provide a range of value-adding services. The goods we trade include long, flat, tubular and semi-finished products. We also trade specialized products such as engineering steels, stainless steels and steel products for the oil & gas industry.

  • Steel Trading

    We Connect Producers & Users Throughout The World

    We take pride in establishing and fostering long-term relationships with production mills and steel local traders all over MENA and Mediterranean markets. Combining market insight, product knowledge, client understanding and a global network with local knowledge means we can offer you the best deals upon request.

  • Document Facilitation

    Taking Care Of Your Paperwork

    The source and destination countries have different rules and regulations that change often. This makes paperwork complicated and time consuming. As we have long presence in those countries as Al-Mada group, we are always up-to-date and can easily handle the administration for you. We provide invoicing, bill of lading, packing lists, certificates of origin and any other documents required. Al-Mada Steel always looking into new and smoother ways to handle the paperwork and get it to you faster to ensure easy and timely delivery.

  • Logistics

    We Will Move Heaven & Earth For You

    Our wide range of products and our partnerships with steel mills allow us to have your order produced exactly as you want it. We take on the challenge of finding the most difficult grade or the most unusual size. We can even offer very specific packing or marking; whatever your request, we will deliver

  • Trade Financing

    Risk Is Fundamental To Success, If Kept Under Control

    The management of financial risk is the key to our success. We have a dedicated team who set up the best financial structure for each transaction taking into account the needs of both the producer and buyer. Our administrators will check the company’s rating, the facilities for the buyer, the rating of the buyer’s bank and any other risks involved.