Al Mada Steel Company

The smart gateway in Mediterranean markets to steel

We do more than just trade steel. Steel is our passion. That is why we will move heaven and earth to find the right product and deliver it to you, wherever you are in Mediterranean markets. Our in-depth product knowledge, market insight and mix of steel trading, logistics, marketing and financial services form a smart gateway to the steel you need.


Al-Mada Steel wants to play a vital role in the world of steel trading services in a respectful, client focused and effective way.
To achieve this, we use our regional network to connect suppliers and customers all over MENA and Mediterranean markets. Moreover, with our in-depth product and market knowledge, we control every link in the chain, aiming at developing long-term relationships with our stakeholders.
As a result, Al-Mada Steel provides outstanding and reliable services in steel trading, logistics, document facilitation and trade financing.


Al-Mada Steel connects steel, people and processes in a client-focused and controlled business environment. Our experience, dedicated people and drive to become the standard of excellence enable us to offer the best in steel services.