Al-Mada Group

Al-Mada Group is a leading trading organization in MENA and Mediterranean markets .Al-Mada group activities are trading, trade-finance and project finance of various products and industries
Al-Mada Group has its global presence through its offices in the Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Romania, China, and India this enables us to have firsthand information of the global markets on a real time basis.
We are in the trading business since 1989 with primary interest in marbles, granites, stones, mosaics tiles, kitchenware, sanitary ware, and recently steel products.
Our international experience and professionalism in trading, coupled with a wide range of additional services such as financing, sourcing, marketing, logistics and shipping, enables us to provide the most cost-efficient solutions to our customers.

Where we started

Our Company is one of the MENA region leading companies in the field of manufacturing and distribution of high quality marbles, granites, stones and mosaics tiles with competitive prices. On 1989, the Company established its showroom in Kilo 14 – Jeddah, and within short period, the Company opened a network of branches in Dammam – Jeddah – Madina – Qassem – Khamis Meshat – Hasa – Khoubar and Jazan.
Based on the company's keenness for continuing its success and confirming its distinction and uniqueness, several new companies were incorporated in (Masa De Karara "Italy", Alicanti "Spain", Lisbon "Portuguese, Antalia "Turkey", Foshan "China") where the best kinds of marble in the world exist, in addition to excellent relations with the biggest marble stone quarries and factories in "India", "Pakistan", "Greece", "Oman", "Egypt", "Brazil" with the aim of supplying the clients with the various requirements of high quality marble and granite products in the best prices, and to comply with the shortest time for supply.

Where we want to be

To continuously innovate, to create new markets, and to provide the best in stock and services.
In order to become the MENA market leader in the marble, ceramics, sanitary products and most recently steel markets, we endeavor to continuously innovate and improve our processes. We pledge to give every customer our best in logistical, sourcing and financial services. We are constantly working to create new territories and markets for our suppliers to ensure high realization for our products and continuous growth and prosperity for our partners.

Ethics is our brand

Al-Mada Group is dedicated to comply with a set of values and principles in dealing with its partners throughout its success rally, including:

  • Dedication and honesty … a basic pivot for realizing success.
  • Transparency and credibility … a strategic option for acquiring clients' trust.
  • Quick response … the shortest way for realizing leadership in the market.
  • One team spirit … safety valve for ensuring continuance of the route of success.
  • Value and Quality … achieving the price and quality equation.

The Company identified three main target to achieve a good growth rate, which are:

  • Expansion : critical need to reach all targeted clients
  • Price : to be satisfied with small profit margin to increase clients base from different categories
  • Quality : a main challenge to deal with the quick market development

The great trust, credibility and reliability that Al-Mada Group enjoys on the international level has granted it several exclusive agencies for products of a number of major international companies which have the best stone quarries in the marble & granite , stones, mosaics tiles, kitchenware, sanitary ware, and recently steel in major exporting countries.

The Al-Mada Group's record is filled with prizes and certificates that are considered as decorations for all of our employees including the prize of Italian Maa prize for supply and execution of marble & granite works in Jeddah Hilton Hotel with high efficiency. Al-Mada Group also obtained several thanking and appreciation certificates from governmental and private entities for accuracy of work and punctuality in specifications and appointments.

Al- Al-Mada Group owns high storage ability in its warehouses and showrooms, which reflects the extent of success and trust it enjoys in the market, as they extend over 200,000 M² within the Kingdom and 50,000 M² abroad, which guaranties a wide network of outlets for delivery of goods as soon as possible anywhere.
This is achieved, in the first place, based on the large capabilities these warehouses have including the technicians who have high experiences as well as loading, unloading and transportation means to accelerate entry, exit, and arrangement of goods.

Our working team speaks the following languages: Arabic, Italian, English, and French.
Useful information on the Group:

  • Headquarters: Al-Qemam Holding group, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Jeddah)
  • Regional Offices: Italy, Turkey, Spain, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, India, and China.
  • Business fields: trading of building materials, sole agents for exclusive brands, mining, quarries, marble and granite fabrication, oil & gas services, real estate development of large size projects.

For more information on our group you can visit some of our websites: www.al-madaco.com , www.almulhem.com ,www.ebaahouse.com , www.akzirve.com